Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Music Choice "Diva Debate"
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Studio A&B with seats partially retracted
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Black Nativity rehersal
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Largest commercially available kitchen uptown
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Stadium seating Theatre B&C
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Eliot Spitzer-"Comptroller Office" Election night
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Godfrey- Uptown Comedy Series
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Control Room "B"
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
On-Site catering and Bar
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Largest commercially available kitchen uptown
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Venus and Serena Film Screening
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
2013 NYC Mayoral Debate
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Rachel Feinstein performance
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Live TV News coverage
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Kevin Hart- Saturday Night Live skit rehearsal

MIST offers three flexible studios, the most versatile and technologically sophisticated entertainment and hospitality space in NYC that can be transformed into:

  • Independent and Hollywood Studio production space
  • Production of original content for webcast; streaming or broadcast
  • Three (3) Commercial grade movie theatres.
  • Film Screenings
  • Live music performances
  • Banquets.

The Studios at MIST

The studios are acoustically isolated from each other, soundproof when divided. The stadium seating operates hydraulically and the telescoping systems accordions into the walls providing an entirely flat floor.

Seating capacities

  • Studio A: 92 stadium seats
  • Studio B: 165 Stadium seats
  • Studio C: 92 Stadium seats

Depending on the configuration, the studios can accommodate up to 900 people standing for performances; 300 people seated for banquets; and 280 stadium seated.

State of the art equipment

  • LED theatrical lighting with digital control board
  • Digital sound mixing boards
  • Fiber optic broadband connections with 35Mb/35Mb data rate (increasable to 150MB/35MB)
  • Wireless broadband
  • Cell phone amplification system for social networking and talking

All live events can be filmed for rebroadcast or streamed from the robotic and hand held video cameras throughout the studios.


MIST Studios is an environmentally-friendly green business. We are located on the first floor of the Kalahari, Harlem’s first LEED Gold building. In designing and building MIST Studios we have been careful to select environmentally sustainable materials which minimize consumption of resources, improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, preserve resources for future generations yet provide an inviting space, which we affectionately call, “Harlem’s Living Room”.

Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC
Mist Studios, Harlem NYC


Physical Screens Cinemascope [2.35:1] size Flat Film [1:85:1] size
Studio's {A&C} 20' Wide X 16' Tall Studio's {A&C} 16' Wide X 6'7" Tall Studio's {A&C} 16' Wide X 8'8"'Tall
Studio {B} 28'6" Wide X 10' Tall Studio {B} 23' Wide X 10' Tall Studio {B} 18'6" Wide X 10' Tall
HDTV [1.78:1] size SDTV [1.33:1] size
Studio's {A&C} 16'9" Wide X 9' Tall Studio's {A&C} 13'4" Wide X 10' Tall
Studio {B} 17:10" Wide X 10' Tall Studio {B} 13'4" Wide X 10' Tall
Studio's {A&C} Christie -CP 2210, 2K Studio's A-B-C All equipped with DCP Drive &Blu-Ray
Studio {B} Christie - CP 4220, 4K


Studio's A-B-C each equipped with
(2) Shure ULX2/SM58 Wireless Transmitter  (4) JBL 8320 Surround Speakers
 (4) Shure SM57 Dynamic Cardioid  (3) JBL 4722 2-Way Loud Speakers
 (2) Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal  (1) JBL 4641 Subwoofer
 (1) Audio Technica- AT8022 Stereo XY Condenser

Professional PA/AV System & Equipment

Allen & Heath 1- iLive-T80 (AUDIO MIXER SURFACE)
Allen & Heath 3- iLive-iDR 32 (Mixer Rack Frame 32X16)
Whirlwind 3- 24 Mic Theatre Connection Panel (stage to iDR-32)
Ultimate Support 6- Live-SB (Adjustable Mic Stand)
Ultimate Support 6- MC-40 (Regular Boom Height Mic Stand.


(2) JBL-AM 7212-95 2-way High Power
(2) JBL- ARX 712M 2-Way 12" stage monitors
(1) JBL ASB6118 Subwoofer

Digital Signage on property (Digital Media & Advertising displays)

Samsung Monitors (six)---450 FP-3 (1080p 46" LCD Displays)  
Glass Wall Video Projector [E-Vision WXGA 7000] (112-204) Inputs Formats 1080i (50Hz, 60Hz), 1080p (24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz), 1080 24sf, 720p (50, 60Hz), 480i, 480p
Aspect Ratio 16X10, Image 26.56” Height: 42.5” Width: 50.2” Diagonal: Throw 32.73”
Sidewalk Window Video Projector [E-Vision WXGA 7000] (112-204)  Inputs Formats 1080i(50Hz, 60Hz),1080p (24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz), 1080 24sf, 720p (50, 60Hz), 480i, 480p
Aspect Ratio 16X10, 59” Height: 94.4”, Width: 111.32, Diagonal/ Throw: 72.69”

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  • Television/Film Production
  • Studio Space
  • TV-Film Kitchen/Prep Space
  • Live Performance Space (Music, Comedy, Theater, Spoken Word etc.)
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Auditions
  • Editing and Post Production Suites
  • Taste Testing (Restaurant/Bar)
  • Film Screenings
  • Movie Premieres
  • Red Carpet Launches
  • Book Signings
  • Runway Shows
  • Banquets

On-line Video Production

  • Live and streaming Web casting
  • Social Media integration
  • Fully Branded
  • Multi-camera production
  • Professional camera operators
  • Event sound system
  • Announcing team
  • Multi-angle replay system
  • Commercial and pre-produced content insertion
  • Quality Control monitoring of live webcast
  • Analytics
  • Archival copy of produced event material